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Wood decor, high-gloss and high-quality glossy or matte colored glass surfaces make FUTUR 5.0 in combination with the divided doors into a modern cabinet program of the extra class.

The overwhelming variety in the front design can be planned down to the smallest detail thanks to different handle variants.

A special highlight at FUTUR 5.0 is the TV / function element. Thanks to a swivel and extendable bracket, a flat screen TV can be elegantly integrated into the cabinet front. On the shelves behind the TV disappear DVDs, magazines and co. Of course, the functional element also without TV is wonderful as an open cabinet-shelf combination and presents, for example, books and vases as an eye-catcher.

With FUTUR 5.0 your creative ideas are endless. Folding and hinge door wardrobes can be combined without any ifs and buts and create exciting views again and again.

Design your own personal dream cabinet! Beds and chests of drawers from the FRESH LINE 5.0 range can be optimally combined with the cabinets from FUTUR 5.0 !


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